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JavaScript Practice Set-4

This project will allow you to practice the material from the first 3 modules. Please read through the instructions completely before starting so that you will understand what is being asked.

Chose an activity that you enjoy. It can be a sport that you watch or participate in, collecting, hobbies, etc. Do not use a collection of movies since we have covered that in the last assignment. Do not use the same topic as a friend. (If two students that don’t know each other happen to select the same topic, that is fine, since they will naturally have very different code.)

1. Select some aspect of the activity and create an array of objects denoting that aspect. For example, in the case of movies, you could select movies themselves or you could select movie stars, producers, soundtracks, etc. There are many aspects of any activity that you can use. Feel free to use the web to research these values. The array must contain at least 10 objects Each object will have at least 4 properties with values The data must be actual data not just gibberish Each object in the array should have the same set of property names with different values At least one string value and one number value Other properties can be of any JavaScript value type

2. Create a function that can be used to format your object in a nice string format for output. This function should be a pure function that takes one object as an argument and return a string. The string can be formatted in any way that you feel is appropriate for your data. It must use two or more properties from the object in the output string.

3. Produce a new array from your array that only contains string values created by the above function. Sort this array alphabetically and display an appropriate heading followed by this list one string per line.

4. Prompt the user for a numeric value. Display a string (formatted using the function above) for each of the objects that have a property (you choose) that are greater or less (up to you) the value provided by the user. Be sure to provide a message if there are no objects that match.

5. Calculate an average value based on a property of your objects that makes sense. Output it with descriptive text in a nicely formatted way. Submit your completed JavaScript file on Blackboard. Do not zip or otherwise compress your file. Submit only the .js file.

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