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What is PHP?

PHP is a general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited to web development. PHP, Stands for "Hypertext Preprocessor." It's server-side scripting language and  generally runs on a web server. PHP is used to develop Static websites or Dynamic websites or Web applications. PHP is popular language and  well-known scripting language used  as backend development. Some popular websites like Wordpress and facebook are built using php.

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PHP topics we cover in assignment

Codersarts is the trusted platform for students who are looking for programming assignment help.PHP is a Server Side Scripting language and we cover almost every topics from small assignment task to larger web projects. But there are some important topics that you need to learn and work on php assignment. As  student when you are learning PHP to complete academic assignment or learning php as developer to build web application there are certain topics which you must know so that you can easily get started the things. 


Practice your PHP skills using PHP  Assignments. There are lost of online PHP tutorial website that provides you exercises on PHP basics, variables, operators, loops, forms, and database. Once you learn PHP, it is important to practice to understand PHP concepts. This will also help you to understand the code  and complete php assignment by yourself. At Codersarts,  we will  help you in your PHP assignment so that you can easily get solution. 


Key topics:

  • PHP BasicsControl structures, arrays and PHP array functions

  • PHP FormsPHP FilesPHP StringsOOP PHPSessions and Cookies

  • PHP AdvancedMySQL Database

  • Web Application Implementation with CRUR operations

  • etc.

What do we include in PHP Assignment Help

  • Rich comment for code

  • Solved  by Industry expert

  • Self-Paced understandable code

  • Student Support Community

  • Preventing and Handling PHP Errors

Choose the Right PHP Framework


Popular PHP Frameworks are:

  • Wordpress CMS

  • Laravel

  • Codeigniter

  • Symfony

  • Zend

  • CakePHP

  • etc.

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PHP Assignments Samples

Register and login System

You will implement a basic registration and login system. You will get practice with forms, sending requests, and working with a MySQL database

Write the login form: Write a PHP file that will output a form containing 2 fields: username and password. Upon submission of the form, the code should check against the database to see whether the usernamepassword pair was correct. If so, display a welcome message. If not, display the message “Invalid username or password” followed by the same login form


Write the registration form:  Write a PHP file that will output a form containing 3 fields: username, password, and phone number. These fields should be sent via POST to the same file, which should take care of inserting them into a database


Write the reset password form: Write a form to allow a user to reset their password with their username and phone number. If the username and phone number match entries in the database, you should generate a random string as a password (make it of reasonable length, alphanumeric).

Write the change password form: Write a form to allow a user to change their password. It should take 3 fields: the username, current password, and new password. When the form is submitted, the code should make appropriate checks against the database, and if the username and password are correct, modify the entry to reflect the change in password. The user should receive a message that informs them of the successful password change. Remember that the database stores the hash of the password.

Keep me logged in: A successful login should set some session variable so that the server knows that the user is logged in

Assignments for beginners learning PHP

Creating simple login form with 2 input fields(username/password)

  • With GET & POST method

  • Do server side validation

  • Authentication of supplied user(must have a ready database in mysql)

  • Use AJAX for submitting the form(if knowledge of AJAX)

  • File uploading

  • Usage of session and cookies for a 2-3 step application(Login form->Login Success Page->My Profile)

  • Create a contact us form with 3 fields (name, email, message) and send email with all form data.

  • Use various API's like google maps api for creating simple apps like distance calculator.

  • Do web services/api development

  • Try some lightweight framework like codeigniter for php based application development

CSc 231 PHP Assignment 1

Create a PHP web page which prints the current time in various formats and colors depending on the query string. Your php page is intended to be loaded with a simple query string which controls how the time is displayed, the page title and the background and text colors. The query string has three fields separated by colons. The first is the time format, the second is the text color and the third is the background color.

PHP Project Ideas

  • Doctor-Appointment

  • E Learning website

  • College-Notes-Gallery

  • Online shopping system

  • Hotel management System

  • Event-management System

  • Student management System

  • Employee management System

  • Personal Portfolios

  • RSVP Form

  • FoodHub is a PHP project on location based restaurant finding

  • content management system

  • Online shop with admin and supplier

  • A web application to send single or group message to your contacts

  • laundry

  • manage blood bank 

  • Event Managemment

  • Hall Booking System

  • online course registration

  • Simple PHP Email System

  • Library Management System

  • University Admission System

  • Web based quiz application