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How Codersarts Works

Whether you’re student or developer or Business, we’ve Solutions for you.

Wondering How Codersarts works?

How can you send the requirement?

You can share your complete requirement via contact form or at email id - or can chat with with our live chat assistant.

All requests are answered in the order they are received instantly. some project requiring more time than others and you'll get reply surely.


please share your complete requirement files along with to do instructions.

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When will you get a price quote?

After submission of complete requirement assignment details. our sales person assign the assignment to the right expert best on the skills set sand expertise. If assignment is doable for us we will give you a price quote .Price depends on deadline and complexity.

Pay Partial Payment

You have to pay 50% of price quote of your Project to start your work for smaller project Or you can pay in split for long-term project. You can pay using a Credit Card, Debit Card or Wire transfer, Bank Transfer, Western Union,UPI service and Wallets for Indian banking.

We accept all major international debit / credit cards and bank to bank transfers.

Ready to Deliver

As soon as assignment is completed our expert will share screenshots of output result and Verify your assignment requirement, Pay the remaining amount and Order is ready to deliver.


We strive to meet the project requirement, so we offer all our customers an unlimited number of revision. Just tell us what you want to be modified in your work, verify from origin and we will make the right changes immediately.

You have 72 hours after assignment delivery to ask your query and request of revision if something not done as per original requirement discussion.

Code walkthrough or Explanation

We also offers 1:1 live session if you want to learn from the solution.If you don't understand some line of code then you can ask via email but 1:1 live session are  chargeable. If you are beginners or don't understand the code 


How decide price for project

Fixed Price vs. Hourly Projects on Codersarts

When you sent an assignment request on the Codersarts site, you’ll be prompted to choose one of two pricing structures: A fixed price project or an hourly project. Each has different characteristics with different protections in place for both you and the freelancers you engage to do the work.

The type of contract you initially propose can depend on a number of considerations, such as the timeline, budget, and complexity. With these factors in mind, let’s take a look at both types of projects and how each can be used by your team.

Fixed Price Vs Hourly price 

When deciding whether to choose a fixed price or hourly project, there is no straight-cut answer - each type has its strengths

Fixed Price


Milestone, deliverables, and timelines are defined from the beginning

Control over budget

You know ahead of time what the work will cost


Milestones help confirm that everything is on scope and in alignment

A new Expert

A small paid project can be an effective way to start working with someone new

Hourly Price


Leave room to agree on new or different details or have the contractor create a project plan


A contractor can quickly jump in and get started

Streamline batch projects

Expand the scope of work without creating a new contact

Existing relationships

Flexibility and speed make this a simple way to engage expertss you've worked with before

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