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Next.js Coding Assignment Help

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

What is next.js?

Next.js is a JavaScript framework that provides the facility to build superfast and user-friendly-static websites, as well as web applications using React.

Next.js automatically determines that a page is static (can be prerendered) if it has no blocking data requirements.

This feature allows Next.js to build hybrid applications that contain both server-side rendered and statically generated pages.

Why is it important?

To load a page , if only JavaScript and CSS is loaded then time taken by it is much faster than other to load pages. So this is done by Next.js ,so it loads pages much faster than others. This helps user to see page content quickly.

Next.js helps a lot in SEO, by providing better performance than compared to React JS, which means that if you are to develop a website using Next JS over React JS then your website has a higher tendency of getting higher rankings on Google.

Application or uses of next.js

  • Benefits for marketing- Since page applications developed with Next JS normally have faster load speeds, SEO receives a boost. And the consequent rank is much higher than websites that have long loading times.

  • Benefits for development- The Next JS framework comes with a built-in CSS support that allows developers to import CSS files from a JavaScript file.

  • Benefits for business- With Next JS at disposal, businesses can expand digital presence and increase conversion rate and deliver a user experience that is unique and pleasant in every sense of the word.

Tools and Framework, libraries and packages

Manual SetUp

npm install next react react-dom

Open package.json and add the following scripts:

"scripts": {"dev": "next dev",
"build": "next build",
"start": "next start",
"lint": "next lint"}

These scripts refer to the different stages of developing an application:

  • dev - Runs next dev which starts Next.js in development mode

  • build - Runs next build which builds the application for production usage

  • start - Runs next start which starts a Next.js production server

  • lint - Runs next lint which sets up Next.js' built-in ESLint configuration

some common projects or case study

1.Business & Real-World: Map Statistics Dashboard.

2.Fun & Interesting: Musical Instrument.

3.Personal & Portfolio: Blog.

4.Productivity: Notebook.

5. Puzzles & Games: Space Invaders.

6.Tools & Libraries: Framework Theme.

7. Project Add-Ons: Webmentions.

8. Clones: Product Hunt.

[Video Tutorial] - Next.js Tutorial for Abosoule Beginners

[Video Tutorial] Learn by Creating NextJs Project From Scratch in 2.5 Hours

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