Refund Policy

We have always been working to the best satisfaction of our clients and thus, we create all our policies to benefit them as much as possible. Aiming to continue having good relationship with our clients, we have also designed our Refund Policy. We encourage everyone to read and understand these policies before placing an order or requesting for a refund as this will not just save time for both of the parties but will also help them avoid any kind of conflicts in future.

Policy to Collect Users and Buyers Information

Since we provide our services online, we might have to collect some necessary information from our clients to work on orders.

However, we strictly keep the collected information at secret place as we don’t want it to get stolen or misused.

  • Once we receive an order from a client, we immediately send it into process so it can be completed well in time. After editing and proofreading, the final version of the project is sent to the client.

  • On receipt, client has 24 hours to review final copy of the project and evaluate if it needs changes or amendments.

  • Our customer support staff can be informed about the revisions within this period of 24 hours.


Before using the final option i.e. Refund Claim (within 24 hours since the receipt of final copy), you better request for a revision if you think the changes are not too big because in case of rectifiable mistakes, Refund claim will not be considered as valid. Secondly, you must be sure that you did include the instructions in your order form. If you request for a refund on the basis of false information, you would not be allowed any kind of compensation.

Refund Claim Timeframe

We allow our customers to request for refunds in case they have valid reasons. The deadline for such claims is 24 hours period since the time of receipt of final copy of the project by the client. The claim must have lodged on the basis of some valid reasons.

Valid Reasons

If you have some valid reasons, you might be able to get a full or half refund (the amount may vary in different situations) or else the claim will be rejected.

Avoid Lame Reasons Such As:

  • Typographical errors

  • Spelling mistakes

  • Grammatical mistakes

  • Linguistic issues

  • Renaming file or document name

  • Others

All such mistakes can be easily rectified and thus, you better request for a revision rather than a refund.

Put Strong Reasons Such As:

  • Disorganization of textual elements (that can’t be corrected)

  • Mess with images, figures, tables (that can’t be corrected)

  • Too much of Plagiarism that can’t be tolerated.

  • Inclusive of baseless and senseless ideas

  • Grammatical/typographical mistakes (that can’t be corrected)

Last Option – Third Party Involvement

We strongly discourage the involvement of third parties in refund claim at the very first stage as we believe in resolving all issues with our clients through direct coordination in an amicable manner. Thus, the involvement of a third party must be taken as the last option or else it will be treated as the violation of our terms and conditions.


Question:  Is it possible to cancel my order ? I'm no longer taking the class

Answer:  If there is no valid reasons and still want to cancel order then you can do that but in the time frame of 1/4 th of time duration of due date.


Example 1: if due date in 24 hours then you can cancel your order in the 6 hours from the time of placing order

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