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C# is object-oriented, statically-typed, and known to be slightly complex.

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Why so many universities still teach  C# ?

I have been researching why universities were still teaching in the  object-oriented programming language courses  C# and it seems almost all of them teach C#. because C# is a simple & powerful object-oriented programming language developed by Microsoft. C# can be used to create various types of applications, such as web, windows, console applications or other types of applications using Visual studio.

If you’re a beginner developer or student  looking to learn a new language or writing code in c#, C# is a great choice for a number of reasons. Unlike C++, for instance, C# offers automatic memory management, and it also offers solid Type Safety compared to JavaScript and node JS. C# has robust base class libraries; the .NET framework includes hundreds of libraries for working with the file system, managing security, and more.

May be n - numbers of good reason of  C#  but student still struggle  to write code for theirs homework, Tutor assignment help, Leaning online course and has to complete all the c# assignment or task in given deadline.



Some time developer and professional face this type of issue, some  employer assign task to interviewee before starting face to face interview , and your are not confident about certain topics, and you don't want to take the risk of loss that opportunities. so we are here to help you any time of small assignment work, C# project help or looking for C# expert to guide you through the whole semester while learning the C#.

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we​ use C# coding standards naming conventions for best practice when we are developing an application.

  • Camel Case (camelCase): In this the first letter of word always in small letter and after that each word with capital letter.

  • Pascal Case (PascalCase): In this the first letter of every word is in capital letter.

  • Underscore Prefix (_underScore): For underscore ( __ ), the word after _ use camelCase terminology

Coding conventions serve the following purposes:

  • They create a consistent look to the code, so that readers can focus on content, not layout.

  • They enable readers to understand the code more quickly by making assumptions based on previous experience.

  • They facilitate copying, changing, and maintaining the code.

  • They demonstrate C# best practices.

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C# programming Assignment | C# Coding help


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