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What is MongoDB?


MongoDB is a document database with the scalability and flexibility that you want with the querying and indexing that you need.  Read more from MongoDB Official website. MongoDB is one of the most important databases you can work with these days. It's extremely popular and MongoDB developers are in high demand. The leading NoSQL database, empowers businesses to be more powerful and scalable.

No matter if you're building web applications, mobile applications, or any other kind of application or if you're a data scientist - you'll need to work with data. Storing data, querying it efficiently, and minimizing complexities whilst optimizing performance are crucial tasks. MongoDB makes working with data simple - it's built on a philosophy that prioritizes performance and efficiency.Mongo DB provides an agile solution with high performance for big data and mobile apps. Orange Mantra utilises Mongo DB technology to deliver your needs inferable from its adaptability, accessibility, and extraordinary execution.


Our specialists are equipped to decide the best technology solutions for you and meet the industry demands. With our rich experience in the field, we ensure that you get the best value for the investment. The Mongo DB architecture gives the complete functionalities of RDBMS namely secondary indexes, strict consistency, and full query language.

  • Even though MongoDB doesn’t enforce it, it is vital to design a schema.

  • Likewise, indexes have to be designed in conjunction with your schema and access patterns.

  • Avoid large objects and especially large arrays.

  • Be careful with MongoDB’s settings, especially when it concerns security and durability.

  • MongoDB doesn’t have a query optimizer, so you have to be very careful how you order the query operations.

How can help students in MongoDB assignments?

If you are a student or database developer, administrator, or someone with a basic understanding of the features of MongoDB and now want to help in writing queries for MongoDB. We will also cover aspects like cloud deployment which is important when it comes to web applications, and integration with Hadoop for fast and efficient Big Data processing, querying, data modeling and the other database operations.

MongoDB is database for modern applications

MongoDB is a general purpose, document-based, distributed database built for modern application developers and for the cloud era. No database is more productive to use. As a programmer, you think in objects. Now your database MongoDB does too.MongoDB is a document database, which means it stores data in JSON-like documents. We believe this is the most natural way to think about data, and is much more expressive and powerful than the traditional row/column model.

MongoDB support Rich JSON Documents

  • The most natural and productive way to work with data.

  • Supports arrays and nested objects as values.

  • Allows for flexible and dynamic schemas

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MongoDB support Powerful query language

  • Rich and expressive query language that allows you to filter and sort by any field, no matter how nested it may be within a document.

  • Support for aggregations and other modern use-cases such as geo-based search, graph search, and text search.

  • Queries are themselves JSON, and thus easily composable. No more concatenating strings to dynamically generate SQL queries.

MongoDB has All the power of a relational database

  • Full ACID transactions.

  • Support for joins in queries.

  • Two types of relationships instead of one: reference and embedded.

MongoDB Support All the power of a relat

MongoDB Assignment Topics we cover

  • how to install and use MongoDB locally and in the cloud (MongoDB Atlas)

  • how to perform CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations on MongoDB databases

  • how to filter for data efficiently

  • how to work with both the Mongo Shell and drivers (e.g. Node.js driver)

  • how to increase performance by using indexes (and how to use the right indexes!)

  • how to use the amazing "Aggregation Framework" that's built into MongoDB

  • what replica sets and sharding are

  • how to use MongoDB Atlas - the cloud solution offered by MongoDB

  • how to use the serverless platform (Stitch) offered by MongoDB

  • .and much more!

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