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What is React JS

React is an open-source javascript library for building user interfaces(UI) of web applications. React has also been extended as React Native for building UI for native mobile applications. React is in the list of most famous and capable front-end technologies. Because it allows to create interactive, rich and responsive UI in a very easy and convenient way. Inside a web application React is only responsive for the look and feel of the UI because it is only responsive for application's view layer.


Simple Learning Curve: React has a small and simple learning curve. Anyone with good understanding of front-end technologies can grab it easily as well as it is also easy to learn for beginners with basic understanding of some prerequisites.

Declarative: React follows the declarative approach rather than imperative. Declarative approach makes it easy for developers to predict the functionality and also makes it easy to debug.

Component Based:  Any React application is usually a collection of all its components. Components are the basic building blocks for any UI developed with React. Component based approach is one of the biggest plus with React library.

Better Performance and Efficiency:  React performs better than its competitive frameworks and libraries. The performance improvement in react is result of using the concept of Virtual DOM(Document Object Model).

Data Flow: React follows the unidirectional data flow paradigm. This means in react the data is always flows in one direction (Form Parent Components to Child Components)

ReactJS Development Services

  • ReactJS Web App Development

  • Customize ReactJS Development

  • UI/UX Development

  • ReactJS Plug-ins Development

  • Web Service Integration

  • ReactJS Consulting Services

  • Maintenance & Support Services

  • Migration using ReactJS

  • Front End Development using ReactJS

  • ReactJS Template Designing

Core Concept You Need to Know About React

  • Expressions in JSX

  • React Virtual DOM

  •  How does React use Virtual DOM

  • Props in JSX

  • Props And PropTypes In React

  • State in React

  • ReactJS — Components

  • React Hooks

  •  Lifecycle methods

  • Redux

  • Conditional Rendering

  • Protected Routing 

  • Optimizing Performance In React Apps

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