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Javascript Assignment Help

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What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a CS (Client Side) scripting language. It is in no way related to Java as it's name suggests, but it is used for client side scripting. By Client Side scripting, i mean the ability to manipulate data, the DOM and a webpage as a whole, without having a backend service or language. Using JavaScript application development, you can build cross-platform HTML 5+ JavaScript applications and developers can embed functionality created by the third party into their applications, such as Facebook API and Twitter API. JavaScript is also used for a scripting language to develop robust and powerful network applications, mostly server-side ones.

Validations can be done dynamically on the static HTML page by using JavaScript JavaScript validates based on specific patterns like The phone number should consist of 10 numbers with 7,8,9 in 1st position. JavaScript is so easy to get started but overwhelming. Because today, more of us are writing JavaScript than ever before, and if you've been coding for long, you may recognise the value of testing, linting, bundling, transpiling, automated builds, and more, but all too often, we ignore many of these items.  Why? Because setting up a solid JavaScript development environment is so much work. The list of choices is so long and complex that it's hard to know even where to get started. and we are  here to help. A great JavaScript development environment makes doing the right thing the easy thing.  we'll make it happen.

Java and JavaScript are two different programming language which  have different syntax, semantics, and uses. so, Do not confuse JavaScript with the Java programming language. Java is an object oriented and general-purpose programming language. It's platform independent code. compiled one run on multiple platforms, including desktop, mobile and the web. JavaScript (JS) is most well-known scripting language used  for design  Web pages. It is a lightweight, interpreted, or just-in-time compiled programming language with first-class functions.

JavaScript Promises: Who needs the complication of writing code to handle asynchronous activities that happen out of your app's control, such as network requests and file I/O? JavaScript Promises make asynchronous code as easy to write as doThis().then(that).then(something_else)

Important point which needs to know every developer

  • JavaScript Objects in Detail

  • JavaScript Prototype in Plain, Detailed Language

  • JavaScript Variable Scope and Hoisting Explained

  • Understand JavaScript Closures With Ease

  • Understand JavaScript Callback (Higher-Order) Functions

  • Understand JavaScript’s “this” With Clarity, and Master It

  • JavaScript’s Apply, Call, and Bind Methods are Essential

  • Object Oriented JavaScript (OOP in JavaScript) 

  • JavaScript Custom Events with PubSub 

  • Unit Testing Your JavaScript Applications is Essential

  • DOM (Document Object Model) and BOM (Browser Object Model)

  • The Best JavaScript Front-end Frameworks You Should be Using

  • Preventing and Handling JavaScript Errors and Debugging Your Code

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JavaScript used for?

  • Adding interactive behavior to web pages

  • Creating web and mobile apps

  • Building web servers and developing server applications

  • Game development

​Popular JavaScript Frameworks are:

  • Angular

  • ReactJS

  • Ember.js

  • Vue.js​

Adding interactive behavior to web pages

JavaScript allows users to interact with web pages. There are almost no limits to the things you can do with JavaScript on a web page – these are just a few examples:

  • Show or hide more information with the click of a button

  • Change the color of a button when the mouse hovers over it

  • Slide through a carousel of images on the homepage

  • Zooming in or zooming out on an image

  • Displaying a timer or count-down on a website

  • Playing audio and video in a web page

  • Displaying animations

  • Using a drop-down hamburger menu

Creating web and mobile apps

Developers can use various JavaScript frameworks for developing and building web and mobile apps. JavaScript frameworks are collections of JavaScript code libraries that provide developers with pre-written code to use for routine programming features and tasks—literally a framework to build websites or web applications around.  Popular JavaScript front-end frameworks include React Js, React Native, Angular, and Vue. Many companies use Node.js, a JavaScript runtime environment built on Google Chrome’s JavaScript V8 engine. A few famous examples include Paypal, LinkedIn, Netflix, and Uber!

Building backend applications

Beyond websites and apps, developers can also use JavaScript to build simple web servers and develop the back-end infrastructure using Node.js.

Game development

Of course, you can also use JavaScript to create browser games. These are a great way for beginning developers to practice their JavaScript skills.

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