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Function Currying In JavaScript- Get Assignments Help

Function currying in JavaScript means that if a function takes multiple arguments instead of passing all arguments at a the same time, takes the first one and returns a new function, which takes the second one and returns a new function, which takes the third one, etc. until all arguments are completed.

Currying will make your code easier to refactor. Currying also creates a more declarative code base

Example :

Without Currying

function sum(a,b,c){
    return a+b+c


Output: 9

With Currying

Method 1:

let sum=function(a){
    return function(b){
        return function(c)
            return a+b+c;

Output: 9

If number of arguments are large

Method 1:

const sum  = function (a) {
    return function (b) {
      if (b) {
        return sum(a+b); 
      return a; 

Output : 9

Method 2:

const sum=a=>b=>b?sum(a+b):a;

Output : 9

Until it get an empty argument function will be called.

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