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JavaScript Practice Set-1

This assignment will give you some practice selecting and modifying DOM elements using JavaScript. For this assignment, do not modify either the HTML or the CSS files (other than referencing the JavaScript file in the HTML). Everything will be done from the JavaScript file. It is a good idea to open the HTML file in Live Preview (if using Brackets) or a browser (if using another editor) and check your code frequently. That is the easiest way to find errors, as soon as you make them! It is also a good idea to open the browser console to see if there are any errors. (Ignore an error about favicon.ico if you get it.)

1. Add code to the HTML file to reference the script.js file using best practices. Other than this, do not modify either the HTML or CSS file.

2. In the script.js file set strict mode for JavaScript.

3. Create a new h3 element with your name in it and insert it before the first paragraph.

4. In the footer, add a cite element with the text "Information and photos from Wikipedia" where "Wikipedia" is a link to the page "".

5. console.log the number of paragraphs with some descriptive text (open the browser console to see the output). 6. Add the class "special" to the second h2 element.

7. Select all the figcaptions and make the font italic. (This will require a loop or a .forEach() method.)

8. Once complete, use Zip to compress the whole folder (including all files) and submit the zip file.

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Md Josim Uddin
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