Write a generic array list class: Java Assignment Help

Updated: Mar 23

Goals for this Lab

  1. Write a generic array list class.

Task Description

Your goal for this lab is to write a generic ArrayList class similar to the one in the given lecture notes on array lists.

The ArrayList Class

The public constructors and methods required for the ArrayList class are listed here. The type E is the generic type of an element of the list.

  • ArrayList(): Construct an empty ArrayList object.

  • int size(): Return the size (number of items) in this ArrayList.

  • boolean isEmpty(): Return true if this ArrayList has no items. (This is the same as the size equal to zero.) Return false if the size is greater than zero.

  • void add(E value): Add the given element, value, to the end of the list.

  • void add(int index, E value): Add the given element, value, to the list at the given index. After this operation is complete, get(index) will return value. This operation is only valid for 0 <= index <= size().

  • E get(int index): Return the element of the list at the given index. This operation is only valid for 0 <= index < size(). This operation does not modify the list.

  • E remove(E value): Removes and returns the first occurrence of the specified element from this list, if it is present.

  • E remove(int index): Remove and return the element with the given index from the list. This operation is only valid for 0 <= index < size(). After this operation, all elements that had an index greater than index (as determined by get()) will have their index reduced by one.

  • void clear(): Removes all the elements from this list.


  1. Your class must be named ArrayList.

  2. Your class must provide the methods listed above for construction, accessing, and manipulating ArrayList objects.

  3. Other than for testing purposes, your ArrayList class should do no input or output.


This lab will be manually tested. You may want to create your own junit tests, or you may manually test your code. If manually testing you may want to create a toString() function to be able to see what your array list looks like at any one point in time.

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