What Is A Tuple In Python? How to use Tuple in Python?

What Is A Tuple In Python?

A Python tuple is a collection type data structure which is immutable by design and holds a sequence of heterogeneous elements. It functions almost like a python list but with the following distinctions.

  • Tuples store a fixed set of elements and don’t allow changes whereas the list has the provision to update its content.

  • The list uses square brackets for opening and closing whereas, and a tuple has got parentheses for the enclosure.

Instantiate A Tuple In Python

Using commas inside a pair of round brackets (), i.e., parentheses.

You can create a tuple even without using the parentheses. Also, the elements of a tuple can be of any valid python data type ranging from numbers strings lists, etc.

Tuple With Different Inputs

Create an empty tuple.

Empty tuple:

It used in between rounded tuple.


tuple = ()

print("An Empty tuple", tuple)

Tuple of Numbers:


tuple = (3,5,8)

print("An Empty tuple", tuple)

Using The Built-In Function “Tuple()”

Creating tuple from set


>>> tuple1 = tuple({3,5,8})

>>> type(tuple1 )

<class 'tuple'>


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