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Introduction :-

A travel App is a App that is dedicated to travel. The site may be focused on travel reviews, trip fares, or a combination of both. Over 1.5 billion people book travel per year, 70% of which is done online.

What should a travel App include?

There are tons of different types of sites that fall under the travel site umbrella.

The design elements you need depend on the type of site you’re running.

An official tourism site for a city will have different goals from those of a travel blogger or tour company

The ideal travel App should include a mix of the following:

High-quality photography

A brief summary of the area, with highlights of important places

Hotel recommendations with web links to hotel and booking sites

Information about recreation and outdoor activities

Guides to arts and culture, including museums, theaters, and other attractions

  • · Packing tips

  • · Maps and guides

  • · Public transport information

  • · Airport information

Relevant tips on language and local dialect Travel agencies help people plan their holiday and offer advice on where to go.

Travel agencies are usually involved in various activities as selling tourism packages and products directly to the tourists and perform regular functions like booking air tickets, arranging accommodation and transportation. Every travel agency needs a travel App to stay up to date with updated packages and advanced services.


Home page welcomes the visitors and introduces them to the values of the company. This page has the relevant details of the promotions and the recent updates in the packages and products. It has the contact details that the customer can go for if they need to avail or enquire about the services that the agency offers.

Travel Management

The main task of a travel agency is to plan trips and provide suitable offers. This is a very important page for any travel agency App as it includes bookings, travel resources information. It also shows the details for the insurance services if the agency is providing any. This page consists of the details related to the booking technology, documentation and security services that the agency offers.

Travel Consultation

Travel agency has the team of consultants that helps the customers plan their trip and makes them aware of the options as per their requirements. This page introduces the travel consultants with their names and experiences.

Membership offers and discounts

This page consists of the details of membership offers and plans for the regular customers who join the membership.

Specials and Events

Some people are fond of travelling and they visit the travel agencies Apps very often just to check if there are some updates or interesting offers going on. This page has the information related to ongoing special offers as hotels specials, vacation specials, and cruise specials. Creating a user-friendly App is very important for a business in this competitive world.

Every travel agency needs a App to show its substantial existence. The travel App not only helps customers in booking their tickets but also in finding the suitable deals. Customers always look for an online platform where they can check the deals and packages.

Every self-employed travel agent or a travel agency owner, at some time comes to the point when a App is required, to take the business to the next level. Travel App has a lot more information related to ongoing events; updated travel packages and travel resources one should always understand their visitors and customers in order to increase the sales. It doesn’t make a difference whether you are new to the industry or you have been in for a long time, if you have a good App then you are far ahead of your competitors.

Why are fares sometimes cheaper on online travel agencies?

There are a few reasons why OTAs can sometimes offer cheaper fares than booking directly with an airline. They might:

Sell flights less than cost. OTAs may sell fares for less than they cost, either as a loss leader (in the

(In the hopes you’ll book additional add-ons like a hotel or rental car) or in order to accrue market share (hoping you’ll book your next trip with them as well) pass on the commission. Airlines dole out a commission every time a traveler books their flight through an OTA. The OTA, in turn, may pass some or all of that commission on to consumers

Specific discounts

Airlines regularly negotiate with OTAs to allow them to sell certain flights at a discount. The airline may not want the lower fare broadcast too widely, so only one or two OTAs are given the discounted rate.

Less customer support.

Many smaller OTAs save money and offer lower fares by skimping on customer support.

Big change/cancellation fees

Many smaller OTAs charge inflated change or cancellation fees in order to offer lower prices initially.

What benefit can online travel agencies have?

The main benefit of OTAs is they are often cheaper than booking directly with an airline. The same flight selling on for $600 may cost $500 on an OTA.


Every organisation irrespective of its size and nature faces economic, Social, political and technological pressures. Organizations are expected to react both fast and efficiently to these pressures to Survive in the market. Information Technology has played a pivotal role in helping many organizations to withstand such pressures. On the other hand Information Technology itself has become a major pressure as it has changed the way we do business. Internet and other developments have transformed the role of travel agents Web presence has become the norm and most travel agencies have their Apps. But they fail to maximize their return on investment on their web sites as they do not reach to their prospective customers.

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