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ggplot2 Assignment Help

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What is ggplot2 ?

ggplot2 is an open-source data visualization package for the statistical R programming language. ggplot : gg stands for Language of Graphics, a data visualisation system that divides graphs into semantic elements like scales and layers. It can greatly improve the quality and aesthetics of your graphics, and will make you much more efficient in creating them. ggplot2 allows you to build almost any type of chart. The R graph

the gallery focuses on it so almost every section there starts with ggplot2 examples. This page is dedicated to general ggplot2 tips that you can apply to any chart, like customizing a title, adding annotation, or using faceting.

ggplot2 is a plotting package of R programming that includes commands for making complicated charts out of data in a data frame. It has a more programmatic interface for specifying which variables to plot, how they should be shown, and other visual features. As a result, if the underlying data changes or we decide to switch from a bar plot to a scatterplot, we just need to make minor adjustments.

We construct plots using the package using the function ggplot(), hence references to the function will be referred to as ggplot(), and the package as a whole as ggplot2.

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