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Dynamic Time-Table Generator


Implement an app which take some input from user and generate a dynamic Time-table

Fields that will be enter by the user

  1. No of Working days: Accepts only +ve number between 1 to 7

  2. No of Subjects per day: Accepts only +ve number less than 9

  3. Total Subjects: Accepts only +ve number

From above input the system will generate total hours of week


Total hours for week = No of Working days * No of Subjects per day

Total hours should auto generate on enter values.

Once total hours generated allow user to submit the data.

On submission the system will generate a new form to get total hours of each subject for total working days.

For example Total Subjects is 4 so, form will look like below

Gujarati 3

----------------- -------------

English 4

----------------- -------------

Science 6

----------------- -------------

Maths 7

----------------- -------------

The total hours of subject must be equal to 'Total hours for week'.

After entering all subject's hours system enables "Generate" button. On click Generate button It will create a time-table from above entered information

Total Columns = No of Working days (Example 5 days)

Total Rows = No of subjects per day (Example 4-Subject/days)

Example: Final Generated Timetable

Final Generated Timetable
Final Generated Timetable

Place the above subjects dynamically in the table as per the entered hours of each subject.

Frontend Tech: HTML CSS & JS (React/Vue/Angular)

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