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Closure In JavaScript - Get Projects Help

A function with its lexical scope along with its parents scope even after the parent function is closed is known as closure.

Lexical Scope

let name = 'Abhi';

function greeting() { 
    let message = 'Hi';
    console.log(message + ' '+ name);


Hi Abhi

name variable is not declared in greeting but inside greeting function we can access value of name variable.


function  greeting() 
  let message = 'Hi';
      function sayHi()
 {         console.log(message);     }  
    return sayHi;
 let hi = greeting(); 



greeting function is called when it is assigned in hi variable and after that greeting function is closed. and after that hi function is invoked, then function can still remember the message variable.

This known as Closure which means it preserves the outer scope in its inner scope.

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