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Bus booking App

Introduction : -

Bus Booking App Focuses on the Customers with an easy and simple way to book the bus for their favorite journeys online. With a privileged customer you get an option to choose from the VIP seat and pre order food in the bus .

Technical Implementation :

· Sign up | Login via Phone number and social media .

· Easy access to user wallet and saved card details for one clicks payments .

· Option to choose the seat from the bus layout .

· Option to book online from your favourites list of Buses .

· Option to filter the bus based on date , time, reviews and pricing .

· Go premium and get the benefits of a VIP user .

· Custom dashboards for bus companies where they add buses , define routes and manage bookings , payments, etc.

Challenges : -

Client wants a comprehensive online bus booking system where their customers can do the booking online easily & save their time of joining a long queue to buy ticket. They also want to include advanced features such as, hotel room booking during the stay at destination, Seat booking at their shop floor by their counter operators, agent login for seat booking are few major necessities. They asked for options to collect the cash online using the payment gateway method as well as direct cash. The customers must be able to take the print out of their e-tickets. At the back end, the administrator of the web application should be able to manage the trips, ticket rates, coach seating, discounts and also can generate trip sheet with passenger details. The passenger details must possess passport details, age eligibility, etc.

For this case, I use Design thinking (DT) because it’s easy to understand and implement for a novice like me. Design thinking is more like a foundation of any other process, anyone can do it. Other process like Design sprint is just made it more systematical for better production.

You can see the detail of every DT process below :

Ø Empathize : -

This stage is all about understanding your users, like their behavior, character, and habit. So to get very well understanding I created a user persona card. And for validating, I used the interview method.

Based on that fact, I need to make sure how train & bus user habits, and behaves. It is important for me to create a design with the best user experience. Like what is the facility that bus user likes? How do they buy a ticket? And many more.

Ø Problems : -

After I got that interview result I analyze it as soon as possible and then I found this pain points from their answer.

1. There is no fixed schedule for the bus (esp., short route).

2. The bus could be stuck in a traffic jam.

3. The bus usually overloads.

4. Can’t buy the ticket online for some routes.

5. The bus is not safe for some people due to overload.

6. The bus staying too long on terminals.

7. The bus air conditioner isn’t working.

8. Someone is foreigner, he doesn’t know much about any destination.

How Might We:

1. How might we make the user know about the bus schedule?

2. How might we make the bus not overload?

3. How might we make the booking process easier for the user?

4. How might we make the bus not stuck in a traffic jam?

5. How might we make the bus air conditioner work?

6. How might we make the bus safe for the user?

7. How might we make the bus not staying too long on the terminal?

8. How might we make the user know the recommended destination?

Well, now I have known the problem let’s move to ideate section.

Ø Ideation : -

Basically, almost all of the problem could be solved using online ticketing/booking services like Traveloka, Redbus, etc.

But here is my solution to solve all the problems.

· Make easy to use the application, and the interface should be user-friendly.

· Show the list of the available bus.

· Show recommended destination whenever user type in the search field.

· Show the bus police number.

· Give a rating feature to the bus.

· Payment with any method.

Ø Prototyping : -

Honestly, this is the part I liked the most! In this part, I could explore many things about UI design.

Login and register -

I only provided for login method with Google account. Since it’s much easier to use so the user only needs to fill their phone number for registration(if needed).

Home screen and search -

Search field — since I want this application to be easy to use, I put the search card on the bottom part of the screen. Based on the mobile heatmap, the user's thumb is more likely to rest on the bottom-left of the screen.

Destination, Passenger, and Departure date — on the search arrival or destination, I put recommendation places based on their location.

Search result — to make the user easy to find departure time, I place the departure and arrival time on the left side. It is because our eyes tend to search from left to right.

And then I put bus rating on the right side, this is to give information about the bus service qualities based on user rating.

Bus detail -

After the user selects the bus, the detail appeared containing information such as departure-arrival, facilities, bus picture, and price. And then they need to choose a seat before proceeding to order and payment.

Ordering and payment -

Because of this application principles are easy and fast, the user order form is auto-filled based on their Google account information. And then they could choose many payment methods.

Ticket detail and history -

After the user completing their payment, they will be redirected to ticket detail.

Rating and review

The apps will detect their trip whether it is completed or not. When the current time is the same as their arrival time , app will ask for their rating and review about your bus and then the ticket detail will be shown.

Ø Testing

I wanted to validate if my solution works well. So I tried to test this prototype to some of my friends. I ask them to use this application based on the given scenario:

1. Try login using an existing Google account

2. Try to buy a bus ticket.

3. Gives a rating and review about your trip.

from the result, Peoples don't found any problem and could successfully do the scenario given. Even the test run smoothly, It is still far from safe to say this prototype is easy to use. I need to test it on many age ranges.

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