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Looking for an expert to provide you help with Vue.js Assignment Help  or Vue.js Project Help.

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Vue.js Introduction

There is a new frontend library, that is called Vue.js and it has gathered a large community of enthusiastic developers.

Vue.js is a fascinating user-friendly Javascript framework for creating/developing user interfaces. The core of the framework is high-speed and lightweight; therefore it may be used in projects of any size. From very quickly put it into an existing website or application to be able to control a part of it, like adding new features, all through to moderate or sizeable single page applications.

With Frontend Frameworks like Vue.js, React.js, and Angular, much of the complexity has moved from the backend to the frontend. If you develop an expertise in one of these frameworks, you will be highly sought after by companies which are willing to give you a high salary in exchange for your services.

The philosophy behind Vue.js is to provide the simplest possible API for creating real-time, two-way data binding between the view (HTML) and the model (a JavaScript object). As you will see in the following examples, the library holds true to that idea and working with it is effortless and enjoyable, without compromising on any functionality.

Vue.js Overview

Vue is really easy getting started with. Any web developer could easily learn and create interactive web interfaces in a short period of time. Vue is made by Evan You, an ex-employee out of Google. Vue.js resembles React more than Angular which is a complete framework. If you’d like to learn more about Vue before diving in, try to do some research like when it was created, which version currently is used in the market. Go through the official documentation, bookmark the GitHub repo and watch some introductory videos on youtube. Also, explore what features it has to offer.

Vue.js Prerequisites

Before proceeding, one should have a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

What is Vue.js ?

Vue.js is an open source JavaScript framework with various optional tools used to develop interactive web interfaces. It is one of the famous frameworks used to simplify web development. Vue.js focuses on the view layer. It can be easily integrated into big projects for front-end development without any issues.

Why Vue.js ?

Following are the advantages of using Vue.js technology in web development:

1. Very Small Size: The success of JavaScript framework depends on its size. The smaller the size is, the more it will be used. One of the greatest advantages of Vue.js is its small size. The size of this framework is 18–21KB and it takes no time for the user to download and use it.

2. Easy to Understand and Develop Applications: The user can easily add Vue.js to his web project because of its simple structure. Both the small as well as large scales templates can be developed through this framework which saves a lot of time.

3. Simple Integration: Vue.js is also popular among the web developers because it facilitates them to integrate with the existing applications. This is because it is based on JavaScript framework and can be integrated into other applications built on JavaScript.

4. Detailed Documentation: The documentation with Vue.js is so comprehensive that the user who knows a little about JavaScript and HTML can develop his own application or web page.

5. Flexibility: A great deal of flexibility is another advantage of Vue.js. It allows the user to write his template in HTML file, JavaScript file, and pure JavaScript file using virtual nodes. Vue.js has proved a lot beneficial in the development of those simple applications that run directly from browsers.

Why consider Vue.js for the project ?

1. Flexibility: Vue.js is flexible and scalable. In practice, this means that it can be used for a huge, modular SPA (Single Page Apps) as well as to construct small, interactive parts to be integrated using a different technology.

2. Handy conventions: Writing boilerplate code is a time and resource sink. Vue.js helps you avoid this kind of busy work by providing a lot of built-in solutions and enforcing effort-saving conventions.

3. Future-proof: Maintenance is an oft-forgotten part of software development. After you’ve built and deployed your app, you also have to keep up to date with bug fixes, new features, and other improvements. Vue.js makes updating easy. New releases including large updates are made in such a way as to maintain as much backwards compatibility as possible.

4. Developer-friendly: Developers love Vue.js not just because it’s a great technology, but also because it’s made with them in mind. 

5. Learns from others’ mistakes: Another thing that makes Vue a solid technological choice is the fact that since it’s newer, its creators had the opportunity to learn from their predecessors’ mistakes, especially the issues present in AngularJS 1.x.

6. Performance and size-efficient: Vue.js really makes the best out of whatever resources you devote to it. First, Vue apps are smaller in size and typically more performance than equivalent applications built in other frameworks.

7. Progressive: If you have a project that is in need of a performance boost, rewriting it in Vue may be the silver bullet.

8. Popular - and chosen by the best: Thanks to its numerous advantages, Vue.js is gaining popularity really quickly. Its users include the media giant NBC and America’s MIT, and you’d better believe that these guys know their technology.

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