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Mern Stack- Pokemon Cards App

Pokemon Cards project is a Mern stack application which servers Pokemon cards to the users based on the search parameters. As per the video attached to this blog, a user is allowed to input valid Id(number) or Name where the client-side of the application , implemented using React.js, servers this parameter to the server-side of the application, made using Node.js. This blog will provide you insights on how these two independent sides interact with each other.

The tech stack involving this project is:

  • React Js : Js library for building the UI components

  • CSS : For Styling the Dom elements.

  • Material UI : To enable the app to use material design

  • Node Js : Js runtime env for server implementation

  • Express : Used for making restful service used by the project

  • SuperAgent : A http request library used to make Api calls

  • Jest : Testing Framework to test our Api.

  • Heroku : A hosting platform running the project live

The project is currently live at :

The source code is available at :

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