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E-Wallet System in Java

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Hi Everyone, Today I will share with you a fantastic application idea - "Payment Wallet Application in Java - Web Service, Web Application & Desktop Application".


An international money transfer company has approached you to build an application for them to manage Web-based wallet accounts for their customers. They emphasised on the reliability, scalability and easy extensibility aspects (if new features need to be added or existing ones might be modified) of the developed application. The functional requirements of the system are outlined below in terms of operations [activities that the customer can perform on their accounts], and views [visualisation aspects]:

i) A customer can open account in three different currencies, e.g., GBP, USD and EUR.

However, the developed application should keep provisions to add accounts for other

currencies [e.g., INR, NGN, etc.] in future as well to be relevant in the face of expanding their business in other continents. In other words, the developed code should be easily extensible if needed to incorporate more account types. Keep the attributes of the currency accounts as compact as possible. For example, an account identifier, account name, balance may be necessary attributes for each account.

Please add additional attributes only if they are required for addressing the functionalities

which are mentioned below. Follow similar principle for the customer attributes too (name, passport/id, address, phone number, email, and his/her login credentials might be necessary).

ii) A customer should be able to transfer or move his/her money from one currency account to another via the application besides the usual deposit, withdraw and view balance operations. You should also keep provisions to pay from a customer’s account to an external account [payee ‘wallet’ account].

iii) A few views are primarily required:

1) a summarised view of number of accounts held by a single customer and the balance of each account in its own currency, and

2) A detailed view of his/her particular account with transactions for the current month,

iv) A user interface (UI) addressing all the above functionalities. It should be a Web

application using Jakarta EE, which offers

1) customer log-in and

2) the execution of the

above functionalities that are mentioned in i), ii) and iii) through the UI. The implementation should use entity classes and java beans for back-end functionality and JSP/JSF for the front-end (including HTML/CSS incorporation if it is required).

Software & Tools Required:

  1. HTML,CSS, JSP for Web Front End

  2. Servlet for Back End.

  3. MySQL database.

  4. Hibernate ORM framework for database Integration

  5. Jersey or other Web Service Technology for Web Api.

  6. Swing/Java Fx for desktop Application.

  7. Knowledge of java & MVC.

If you are looking for such project/assignment please connect Coders Arts. Thank you.


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