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Heart Attack Prediction With Machine learning in Python - Machine Learning Project Help

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We have created a complete playlist of machine learning and deep learning projects videos with detailed explanation. In this video we have explained how to create a machine learning model with python. While building the machine learning project our developer takes care that you will learn from these videos a lot of things like how to perform exploratory data analysis, how to handle missing data, outlier, data visualisation, how to prepare data for building the machine learning model etc.

In this article, we are talking about Heart Attack prediction models. Here we will give you complete information about the Heart Attack prediction model.

Heart failure disease affects more people in the world than autoimmune conditions.Cardiovascular Diseases affect the heart more and obstruct blood flow through the blood vessels. Chronic ailments include heart attack, strokes, congestive heart failure etc.

Project Idea

The aim of this project is to detect whether patients have heart disease or not by giving a number of features from patients. The causes of heart disease are diabetes, obesity, unhealthy diet, being overweight, excessive alcohol consumption, and being inactive in physical form etc. biological factors age, thalassemia, chest pain, blood pressure, thal rate etc. This machine learning project we use these biological factors to predict the heart attack prediction model.


To build the Heart attack prediction model we have used a heart dataset. The data file heart.csv contains the information used to create the model. It consists of 303 rows and 14 columns. The columns represent the variables, while the rows represent the instances.

The Dataset is composed of four concepts.

  • Data source

  • Variables

  • Instances

  • Missing values

This dataset uses the following 9 variables:

Age : Age of person

sex: Gender of the person

Cp : chest pain type

Trtbps : resting blood pressure (in mm Hg)

Chol : cholesterol in mg/dl fetched via BMI sensor

Fbs : (fasting blood sugar > 120 mg/dl) (1 = true; 0 = false)

restecg: resting electrocardiographic results

Thalachh : maximum heart rate achieved

Exng : exercise induced angina (1 = yes; 0 = no)

slp : slop

cpp : number of major vessels (0-3)

thall : Thal rate

output : Target variable

In our explanation video of Data-driven Heart Attack prediction model using python, We cover techniques of exploratory analytics, data aggregation and cleansing, feature engineering, more importantly, model building and evaluation. We utilised Random Forest Classifier, Support Vector Machine, K-Nearest Neighbour and Logistic Regression with best parameters possible for getting the best prediction accuracy. All these algorithms are mathematical implementations and we have utilised them with optimal parameters.

The Heart Attack Prediction Project is described in two videos part 1 and part 2.

Part 1 : Title : HEART ATTACK PREDICTION Project Part 1 | AI ML Project Series

Description : This is the introduction part of HEART ATTACK PREDICTION Project where we provide the details and procedures of the coming project that we will build in Part2 of this Series. This is based on analysis of a patient’s diagnosis conditions like blood pressure, random sugar, cholesterol, resting pressure, pulse etc. to analyse whether or not the patient is probable for a heart attack risk. The result will be that we will be able to analyse on the basis of a patient's test results whether they have a risk of heart attack or not.

Part 1 Video Link

Part 2 : Title : HEART ATTACK PREDICTION Project Part 2 | AI ML Project Series

Description : This is the second part of the HEART ATTACK PREDICTION Project where we create a complete project on Kaggle Community Platform regarding prediction of Heart attack risk of a patient based on their various test results. We use data cleaning, data plotting and utilised Random Forest Classifier, Support Vector Machine , K Nearest Neighbours and Logistic Regression with best parameters possible for getting the best prediction accuracy. All these algorithms are mathematical implementations and we have utilised them with optimal parameters.

Part 2 Video Link

Source Code


Kaggle platform

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