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Entertainment Agency Database - SQL Server Assignment

In this blog, you are going to see Entertainment Agency Database schema diagram, ER Diagram. This is SQL Server Assignment sample just to show the database design, Query creation, and possible solution

The queries in this assignment are intermediate level and student will get understanding of where clause, View, Case, Create table from another tables, Queries nesting, aggregate function like count, use of having etc.

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List of Queries

Query #1:

Create a VIEW showing all customers who have booked more than $10,000 in total

contracts. Make customer name appear as one column with "Last Name, First Name".

Query #2:

Create a query that shows any agents who have never booked an engagement. Show the

agent's first name and last name in the output.

Query #3:

Create a query that shows all engagement numbers, start date, end date, the length of the engagement run, and a final column showing the type of engagement run time based on the following:

  • If it ran for less than 4 days, Short Run

  • If it ran for less than 9 days but more than or equal to 4 days, Middle Run

  • If it ran for 9 or more days, Long Run

Query #4:

Displaying customer ID and customer names, create a query to show any customers who

are from the city of Bellevue but have never booked an Entertainer from the zip code 98009.

Query #5:

Create a new table called LargeGroups. It should have columns Entertainer ID, Entertainer Stage Name, and Phone Number from the Entertainers table. Populate the new table with any entertainer groups who have more than 4 members in their group.

Query #6:

Management is uncertain if their agents are all performing well in booking engagements and that perhaps assigned commission rates are not aligned to reward the high performers. Assume that commission payouts for each agent are calculated as the commission rate x total of all contact prices booked.

  1. Create a query that you believe will best help management analyze this situation across all of the agents.

  2. Use a text based answer to interpret your results in regard to management's concerns.

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