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Creating Weather App Using ReactJs | Sample Assignment

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Project Requirements:

  • Build a weather forecasting application using REACT

  • Display a 5-day weather forecast, where each day shows the high and low temperatures Fahrenheit and Celsius, and an image for sunny/rainy/cloudy/snowy.

  • Add the ability to click on a day and see its hourly forecast. You can just maintain the current view in the top-level App state.

  • Add React Router to the project (npm install react-router) and add routes, such that / shows the 5-day forecast, and /[name-of-day] shows the per three-hour forecast for a particular day.

  • Sign up for a free API key from

  • Fetch a real 5-day forecast, and feed that data into your app

Create a Form you used in the last jQuery assignment using react and add validations.

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