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CodersArts E-commerce Sample

This blog features the CodersArts E-commerce platform showcasing a sample e-commerce project. This project is live and supports a payment portal. The techs used to build this project are:

  • React Js: Js library for building the UI components.

  • CSS: For Styling the Dom elements.

  • Material UI: To enable the app to use material design.

  • Commerce.js: A Back-end API supporting product listing.

  • Stripe API: Integrated with the payment portal to secure transactions.

  • Netlify : A hosting platform running the project live.

Features for this website:

1) A responsive layout, managed with Material UI. Here's a preview of our website in the mobile view.

2) Stripe Api to manage transactions within the website.

3) Commerce.js to manage Back-end.

If you're willing to maintain a custom Back-end service, Our Developers skilled in Node provide as per Client's requirements with Complete Guidance and Control on the developed API.

The project is currently live at :

The source code is available at:

Contact us for more Mern Stack Projects by Codersarts specialists who can help you mentor and guide for such Web projects.

If you have project or assignment files, You can send at directly.


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