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Advanced Databases and Modelling-PL/SQL Assignment Help

Task – PL/SQL implementation:

Before you begin please refer to the appendix for initial setup of the database.

1. Populate the tables by writing a procedure that inserts a new record into the database. (The records shown in the appendix can be used). The procedure should:

  • Check for reasonable inputs

  • Put a new record in the "books" table

  • Put a corresponding new record in the "book_copies" table

2. Write a procedure that retrieves a book count.

3. Write a procedure getBookDetails which accepts an isbn number and returns the books title, author, date_published, and the number of copies. The main block should call the procedure with a isbn number and output the book’s details

4. Write a PL/SQL block which utilises the getBookdetails procedure and prints the data for each record.

5. Write a procedure that deletes a book and all copies from the database.

6. Write a trigger that that reports how many book copies are present after any insert/update/delete operation.

The SQL to create these tables:

   title VARCHAR2(200),
   summary VARCHAR2(2000),
   author VARCHAR2(200),
   date_published DATE,
   page_count NUMBER

CREATE TABLE book_copies(
   barcode_id VARCHAR2(100) NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY,
   isbn VARCHAR2(13) REFERENCES books (isbn)

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