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A-Mobile Telecom Consumer Complaints I Sample Assignment


A-Mobile is a global telecommunication company. The firm has been providing poor customer service. They continue to fail despite repeated promises to improve. In October 2016, the FCC fined them $2.3 million, after receiving over 1000 consumer complaints.

The existing database will serve as a repository of public customer complaints filed against Comcast. It will help to pin down what is wrong with A-Mobile's customer service.

Data Dictionary

  • Ticket #: Ticket number assigned to each complaint

  • Customer Complaint: Description of complaint

  • Date: Date of complaint

  • Time: Time of complaint

  • Received Via: Mode of communication of the complaint

  • City: Customer city

  • State: Customer state

  • Zipcode: Customer zip

  • Status: Status of complaint

  • Filing on behalf of someone

Analysis Task

To perform these tasks, you can use any of the different Python libraries such as NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, scikit-learn, matplotlib, and BeautifulSoup.

  • Import data into Python environment.

  • Provide the trend chart for the number of complaints at monthly and daily granularity levels.

  • Provide a table with the frequency of complaint types.

Which complaint types are maximum i.e., around the internet, network issues, or across any other domains.

  • Create a new categorical variable with values as Open and Closed. Open & Pending is to be categorized as Open and Closed & Solved is to be categorized as Closed.

  • Provide state wise status of complaints in a stacked bar chart. Use the categorized variable from

Provide insights on:

  • Which state has the maximum complaints

  • Which state has the highest percentage of unresolved complaints

  • Provide the percentage of complaints resolved to date, which were received through the Internet and customer care calls.

The analysis results to be provided with insights wherever applicable.

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