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Projects idea in MERN For Beginner

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

Today everyone is learning new technology. Learning syntax and using it in real-time projects make sense. Here is the project idea that every beginner should make while learning MERN stack. Todo - app using MERN stack

Employee Todo App

1.) button to add employee.

There will be two headings in the table . One is for name and other is for Actions. to addEmployee page. There will be a form in which different input fields like name, email, contact number etc. user can fill. After submitting the form user will redirect to the home page and user name and email will be displayed in the form of Table.

There will be two headings in the table . One is for name and other is for Actions.

Under the actions column there will be three buttons in each row.

  1. Details button

  2. Edit button

  3. Delete button

Details button

On clicking delete button user will direct to detailsEmployee page.

In which user can see his/her details. There will be a back link after clicking on user will be redirected to homescreen.

Edit button

On clicking edit button user will direct to editEmployee page where user can edit his/her information. After clicking Click to edit button user will redirect to homescreen where updated data of user will shown.

Delete button

On clicking edit button data of that row will be deleted.

Homescreen will look like this.

Technologies used in Frontend Technologies used in Backend

  1. HTML 1. Node.js

  2. CSS 2. express.js

  3. React.js

  4. React hooks

  5. Axios

In database , Mongodb is used.

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