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PHP Web Assignment Help

PHP is a server-side scripting language. The founder of PHP is “Rasmus Lerdorf”, at the beginning it is called a personal home page tool but, from the PHP version 3, it stands for PHP: Hypertext Pre-processor, It is used in a most familiar web application like Facebook, Wikipedia, Yahoo, Etsy, and Flicker use PHP.

PHP Programming Help for Students

We are offering the PHP Assignment for students can include questions based on the OOPs concepts in PHP, Database Management in PHP, Session, Cookies, Real-Time applications, and basic knowledge of at least one framework of PHP.

Important Topics In Which We Are Offering PHP Assignment Help

PHP Language consists of various concepts like any other programming language used to create web applications. Now need to learn about PHP before starting any project, below the important topics covered by our expert if you need any help related to below-given topics then we will ready to help.

Introduction to PHP

  • What is PHP: installation and setup

  • PHP echo

  • PHP print

Variables and constants in PHP

  • Rules to define variables and constants in PHP

  • Types of variables: local, global and static

  • Magic constants in PHP

Data types in PHP

  • Scalar types

  • Compound types

  • Special types

Operators in PHP

  • Arithmetic Operators

  • Comparison Operators

  • Bitwise Operators

  • Logical Operators

  • Incrementing/Decrementing Operators

  • Array Operators

  • Type Operators

  • Execution Operators

  • Error Control Operators

  • Assignment Operators

Control statements in PHP

  • If-else statement

  • Switch case

Loops in PHP

  • For loop

  • For each loop

  • While

  • Do-while loops

Arrays in PHP

  • Indexed arrays

  • Associative arrays

  • Multidimensional arrays

  • Array Functions in PHP

Strings in PHP

  • String functions

User-defined functions in PHP

  • Call by value and call by reference in PHP

  • Default and variable arguments in PHP

  • Recursive functions

Web concepts in PHP

  • GET and POST

  • Cookies

  • Session management

  • Mailing

File handling in PHP

  • Uploading and downloading files

  • Various operations on files: appending, reading, writing, deleting

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