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To create a simple online music store that sells CDs.


Create a simple online store for a music company that sells CDs. A London-based music store wants to create a simple online store so they can sell CDs. The store should

allow users to browse a small catalogue of music albums, and add (and remove) them to a basket. No payment functionality is required at this stage.

For this assignment you can use content (text, images, etc) from other sources but you must have the source credited. The website must be visualized and navigated using a desktop / laptop computer.

Minimum Requirements

For this assignment, you will design a website using PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS and (possibly) javascript. Pay careful attention to the requirements outlined below.

For this assignment, you must write your server-side code in PHP, and use MySQL for your database. You must create a suitable database design to suit your needs. You can use the database.php from moodle as the basis for your assignment.

The website will as a minimum consist of three key parts:

  1. A page that lists all the audio CDs

  2. A page that shows the details of the audio CD (artist, album name, track list, reviews etc)

  3. A basket page that shows the CDs the user has put in the basket

Optional extra pages could include:

  1. User registration and management

  2. Homepage for featured albums

  3. A mechanism for users to leave reviews of the albums

NOTE libraries such as bootstrap and php frameworks are explicitly forbidden

Functional Requirements

Your website should have the following functions:


This page is a list of all the CDs available to purchase from the online store. You can use this as the starting homepage for the site (or you can create a home page that links to this CD list). The ordering of this page is up to you - you could show them alphabetically, most recently added, most highly rated, etc. From this page, there should be the ability to filter images by music category or tag. Categories will be easier to implement, as they do not require a many-to-many table.

At a minimum, the items in the list should have the following fields associated with them:

  • ID

  • title

  • artist

  • description

  • category

  • published date

  • URL to a thumbnail of the album cover

You can add additional information if you would like to (for example, review of the CD).

This information should be populated from a database, not from hard coding in the HTML page. There must be a minimum of 5 items in the list.

Item Details

Clicking on an item should take you to a page showing a description of the item. Details about the item should be displayed and the user should also be given a function to add the CD to a basket. The page should retrieve the data from the database.


The basket page should show all the CDs that the user has put in their basket, or invite them to continue shopping if nothing has been added. The basket should allow the user to change the quantity of the order and to delete items from the basket.

As a minimum you may use an anonymous user basket (where the user is not registered) or for additional functionality you could create a simple user management system where the user creates an account. Consider other functionality related to baskets, eg recommending items or inviting reviews of items.

All content can be retrieved from other websites but the source must be credited.

Extra Functionality

Any functionality that you add to your site beyond the minimum.

  • User registration and management

  • Homepage for featured albums

  • A mechanism for users to leave reviews of the albums

This functionality will not score you as many marks as the functional minimum so ensure you have done a good job on the minimum requirements before adding anything more.

Non-functional Requirements

There are some non-functional requirements for your assignment.

Code Correctness

The website should use valid HTML and CSS. Menu links should work correctly, and menus should be consistent on all pages (except or any links that should only work for admin/logged-in users). The website should not crash, or display 500 errors during evaluation.

Website Style

The website should have a professional (clean) appearance. What a professional website looks like is somewhat open to interpretation, and the markers opinion will be final (based on their professional experience). You should aim to use a colour scheme, design and font choices that are suitable for the website. The website theme should be consistent between pages, with all pages having a unified look and feel.

Website Correctness

Your website should use suitable conventions for website file names (lowercase, no spaces in filenames). The homepage should be named index.php and the folder structure should be suitable (e.g, assets folder for resources). This category also includes submitting documents in the correct format.


You should implement some basic security practices:

  • Database fields cannot contain HTML - any HTML should be escaped

  • Forms should protect against XSS, where appropriate

  • Session management should use the PHP session management tools

  • Admin-only pages should not be accessible if you are not logged in as an admin.

  • User only features should only work if logged in

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