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The Computation Department at UNF wants you to develop a program to perform its payroll calculations. These calculations are based on the type of employee. Each employee first and last can be randomly generated or taken from the user when you add them to your system.

Full-time professors and administrations employee are paid a fixed monthly salary regardless of the number of hours worked.

  • A full-time professor is ranked as a full professor, an associate professor, or an assistant professor.

  • An administration employee is categorized as a secretary or a technician.

  • Use a random number generator for salary generation-each type of employee will have the same salary, e.g., all the associate professors have a salary of X dollars.

Adjunct Professors are paid a flat base salary plus compensation that is mainly based on the number of sections they teach each semester.

  • Generate random sections they will teach and flat and compensation salaries.

Instructors are paid based on the number of sections they teach a semester

  • Again, use random number generators

Finally, Teaching Graduate Assistants are paid by the hour and receive overtime pay if they work more than 80 hours/months

  • Use random number generators for salary and number of hours worked

Each employee has his/her birth date information stored (you can randomly generate a date). The payroll software is to be processed once every month. As this software calculated the salary of each employee polymorphically, it adds a $100.00 bonus to the employee’s payroll amount if the current month is the month in which this person was born.

Your program should have a menu (use a switch-case) to choose between:

1- Add a full-time professor

2- Add an adjunct professor

3- Add an instructor

4- Add an administrator

5- Ad a graduate teaching assistant

6- Print payroll

7- Quit


  • Use an abstract superclass Employee, abstract method, and polymorphism to develop the project.

  • The menu will be created form a Driver class, which will contain the main(). However, the other classes will not hold main() methods.

  • When you print the payroll, print all the employees including their names and birthdays.

Points to think about

  • What data structure to use- Array or Array List?

  • What will be the data type of this data structure?

  • What fields are available and what access type(e.g., public/private/ protected)


  • Gain experience in class object creations.

  • Gain experience in inheritance.

  • Gain experience in polymorphism.

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