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This project should cover all the core PHP concepts and should contain

  • You Can take the online theme of bootstrap (Theme Designing)

  • Database Design

  • Queries

  • Reports

  • DB MYSQL or mysqli but use PDO driver.

  • Use of Parameterized queries to avoid SQL Injection


In this Online Project Approval System project, we will focus mainly on automating the process of project submission. In the sense project topics will be submitted online along with doc and approval will be provided online by the head of the department along with suggestions if any. This will reduce the physical efforts of students meeting the head of the department and also reduce the time frame period of completing this part of project work. Students can also update their project status weekly and provide in for regarding the progress, which will be monitored by all relevant professors and heads of departments.


In general, the Project & Title will be selected from various sources and send it to the HOD like the Project Title along with a birds-eye view of the Project in a document called Project Abstract. The HOD will accept the Project and allows the student to proceed and start working on the Project.

In the middle of the Project designing, the HOD also makes a request to the Student to send the Sample Code of any module as well. And at the final, the student has to prepare the necessary documents like Project Final Document (contains Introduction, Modules, User roles, SDLC methodology, etc.), UML Diagrams, Powerpoint Presentation (PPT) of the Project flow for Demo and also takes the Database (as the backup file to restore), Source Code and all the content in a Compact Disk (CD) and submits to the HOD along with printed hard copy. The HOD will review all these documents and finishes the Project Review and enters the Marks into the University's records.

Using this web application the above entire flow can be automated so that the Student need not submit any Soft copy (CD) of the project as well, the University need not maintain all the collected CDs of the students in the Library for records.

Using this web application, the Student can send a request to HOD for Project Title along with Abstract. On acceptance of HOD, he/she can design the Project along with necessary documents and submit to the College over the Internet using the University website. In the HOD Project Review, the HOD can download the Project content from the College’s website (from the Internet) and can do the evaluation. As well, the Student can also download the content from the College’s website and give Demo of the Project (by restoring the database, configuring the Project site, etc.) to the HOD.

User Types: Admin and Student



This module will allow HOD or any other admin login to log in and approve project abstracts submitted by students. Admin or HOD will add College Info which can be displayed on the dashboard. Will view project progress which has been submitted by the student and reviews it. Admin can add professors involved in the project. Add batch info for a year, course info for that year, course name, and all info will be used by the student at the registration process. Once the student registration is done, HOD will get a request for approving student registration. Hod or admin can also add project titles that have been approved for different students and they can be viewed by any registered student in the dashboard.


The student will register and provide the necessary info. The application will be secure as registration will be approved by HOD and then the student can log in.


A student once logged in after registration will add abstract along with the project name as tentative info in this module and that can be viewed by HOD.

This module will have the option to upload different files for the assigned project. It will have the option to add progress info date wise or weekly. A student can upload the initial abstract from this module and then all other files for final submission.

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