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Notes App Sample Work

Updated: Mar 23, 2021


Create and store your notes for a later purpose!

With so many apps to consider, we had some pretty strict criteria for what made a great notes app.

What makes a great note-taking app?

  • First, the apps had to do what they set out to do, and do it well. Not every note-taking app needs to have image-to-text features or support styluses, but if it boasted about them, they'd better be good. There are so many different ways to use digital notes that what one person considers essential can just clutter up the interface to another.

  • Second, note-taking apps had to be quick and easy to use. A pen and scrap of paper are hard to beat for speed and convenience, but any note-taking app has to get out of your way. Creating, editing, and sorting notes needed to be something that felt seamless and natural, rather than a battle with a horrible user interface. If you couldn't create a new note in seconds or needed to jump through weird hoops to grab different tools, the app wasn't making our list.

  • Similarly, your notebook is something that needs to be always available, whether you're at your desk or midair flying coast-to-coast. At a minimum, we needed apps to be available on one desktop and one mobile platform, and to have some kind of offline functionality. Your access to your notebook couldn't be cut off because you didn't have Wi-Fi.

  • Finally, we required apps to be good value for money. Free is, of course, wonderful, but that does have to be balanced against the likelihood of the service surviving the next few years and the availability of server-based features like syncing. Some of the best apps charge a reasonable subscription price and, as long as they justified the pricing, that was no barrier to inclusion.

User Stories

  • User can create a note

  • User can edit a note

  • User can delete a note

  • When closing the browser window the notes will be stored and when the User returns, the data will be retrieved

Bonus features

  • User can create and edit a note in Markdown format. On save it will convert Markdown to HTML

  • User can see the date when he created the note

Draw In Your Notes

Express yourself with drawings right in the notes app! In an open note, tap the pen icon above the keyboard to reveal the drawing options, including:

  • Tools – Choose from a pen, highlighter, eraser, and more

  • Color – Tap the black dot to change the line color

  • Undo & Redo – To undo a change or redo something you undid, tap the curved arrows near the top of the screen

Share a folder with a friend

The Notes app makes it incredibly easy to share your notes with others. You can set the permissions to “view only” if you don’t want other people to make edits, or you can open edits if it’s a more collaborative project. To share, just open the note in question and select the share button in the top-right; you can then select and share.

Password protect specific notes

If you’re worried about unwanted eyes seeing one of your notes, you can password protect it. To do this, simply go to the note in question, select the “share” icon, and then select “Lock Note.” From there you can set a password (along with a hint in case you need help remembering) or enable Face ID (or Touch ID) to gain access to the note. All password-protected notes have a lock icon over them.

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