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Multimedia Web Development

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Your Assignment is to create a website that describes a city of your choice.

The website must include the following pages:

  • Home Page

  • Arts & Culture

  • News & Events

  • Recreation

Multimedia Web Development
Multimedia Web Development


Write from scratch the HTML and CSS files and show your creativity, aesthetics and imagination. Begin by creating a wireframe diagram that indicates the structure of the web page. Use grammatically correct sentences that provide reasonable flow through each web page. Include the following:

  • Structural elements (header, nav, main, div and footer)

  • Headings (h1, h2, etc.), paragraphs, blockquote and span

  • At least five different phrasing elements in your website that fit the flow of the page

  • Unordered list and description list

  • Three special characters (entity characters)

  • CSS properties (configure color, background, text, padding, border, margin, box-shadow, opacity)

  • CSS Id, class and descendant selectors

  • Images with captions (use figcaption)

  • Favicon

  • At least one background image that configures a linear or a radial gradient

All the images including the favicon must be placed in a subfolder named as images.

All CSS style rules must be placed in one external style sheet only.

You must validate your HTML and CSS files.

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