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Messaging App | Android App Project idea

Updated: Dec 25, 2021


Real-time chat interface where multiple users can interact with each other by sending messages. messenger apps have become incredibly popular over the past few years. In fact, messaging apps now have 20% more active users than social media networks. And, 55% of consumers prefer to communicate with businesses using these apps over other communication channels.

We can hardly imagine our everyday lives without messaging apps. They have become part of the daily routine, and it seems like these apps aren't going anywhere. There are many messaging apps on the market already. But we can still build a successful product that will succeed

User Stories

  • User is prompted to enter a username when he visits the chat app. The username will be stored in the application

  • User can see an input field where he can type a new message

  • By pressing the enter key or by clicking on the send button the text will be displayed in the chat box alongside his username (e.g. John Doe: Hello World!)

Bonus features

  • The messages will be visible to all the Users that are in the Messaging app

  • Available in Android,

  • Messages are saved in a database

  • Offline notifications upon next login

  • User can send images, videos, and links which will be displayed properly

  • User can select and send an emoji

  • Users can chat in private

  • Users can join channels on specific topics

  • User can get Notification later if user was not available at that time

  • User can Hide person if he/she currently chatting with someone.

  • User can make friend private

  • If user want to chat private friend user need to enter password every time when user want to chat his/her private friend.

  • If user want to block any one, user is able to block that one by clicking on that Profile and easily get blogged

  • If user want to do not want any body can see his/her status then no body can see he is online or not.

Deciding on the type of the app to develop

The first thing we should do before developing messaging software is to decide what kind of an app you want. To compete with commonly used messaging apps, we should focus on core features and on features that will distinguish our app on the market.

Once we’ve prepared a list of problems our app aims to solve, you can start writing functional requirements. Your functional requirements document should provide clear and complete information about all the functionality we want in our software.

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