Machine Learning Assignment Help: Deploy App

Deployment of Machine Learning Models

Hire Experts For Deployment of Machine Learning Models
Hire Experts For Deployment of Machine Learning Models

The Machine Learning deployment workflow can be broken down into following basic steps:

  • Training a machine learning model on a local system.

  • Wrapping the inference logic into a flask application.

  • Using docker to containerize the flask application.

  • Hosting the docker container on an AWS ec2 instance and consuming the web-service.

What you'll get help from Machine leaning experts

  • Build Machine Learning Model APIs

  • Deploy machine learning models into the cloud

  • Build machine learning model APIs

  • Send and receive requests from deployed machine learning models

  • Design testable, version controlled and reproducible production code for model deployment

  • Build reproducible machine learning pipelines

  • Understand the optimal machine learning architecture

  • Create continuous and automated integrations to deploy your models

  • Understand the different resources available to you to productionise your models

Deploying AI Systems : From Model to Production

  • Production Data Science with Git

  • Building Quality APIs : Swagger

  • Testing APIs : Postman

  • Designing of Deployment Solution Architecture

  • Technical Considerations of Productionizing Models

  • Building Robust ML systems

  • Deploying Python Models to Production

  • Deploying Large Spark Models to Production

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