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Information Management System
Information Management System

Information management system remotely

Python code

Description of task:

A mining company wants Nick Industries to design software, to control its fleet of robot explorers and manage the Robot collected information and employees assigned to that area. At this stage you need to program a micro:bit to control a bit:bot as an prototype robot for the project. Your robot will be programmed using Python and needs to model its operation by moving around the robot table and detecting areas of mineral deposits. The robot should indicate by stopping for 10 seconds and displaying an indication that “minerals” have been found. You also need to code software for the information management system.

The Information system must include;

  • A splash Screen

  • A logon screen, with access via a user name and password.

  • For security reasons , users cant create their own user names and passwords

  • A menu screen Code to allow the manager to create user names and passwords.

  • Code to allow the manager to enter and retrieve all employee details; name, address, phone numbers, job role, payrate.

  • Code to allow employees to enter and retrieve data from the robot such as mineral location

  • Code to allow employees access to employee details such as names, position . Code to allow the payroll manager to calculate weekly pay after tax.

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