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How integrated python with dialogflow | How to build a chatbot using python and dialogflow - ngrok

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

To create dialogfow chat using python script and output show with the help of ngrok.

In this two node is used one for client and second for server(ngrok), ngrok basically used to send HTTP request.

Python Script to Embedded dialogflow

First write python code for dialogflow. Here we attached full python code script:

After this go to the cmd command prompt and run:

Add file path here>python

Download and run ngrok node

Now download ngrok by using given official website: log-in and download file.

Download ngrok zip file and extract it and then run ngrok.exe file. New ngrok terminal window open.

Now run these two command one by one to connect you account this:

>ngrok authtoken 6QNf62kCyevs35qwpFEQ9_7TsZ9ayw3azQBBidVaRR

> ngrok http 80

ngrok terminal run and generate two http and https url like this

Copy this http url and paste at the dialogflow webhook location. Go to the dialogflow fulfillment section and update webhook url.

Add this in webhook and save

Now it connect with the ngrok and python script.

Run using give the text(Federal bank interest) input in dialogflow:

Enter and you will see that both node working dialogflow output generated in cmd and server run on the ngrok terminal.

cmd terminal output:

ngrok terminal:

It display 200 ok, means http request sent properly and output generated from dialogflow using python script.

To show real time chatbot go to the integrations and enable web demo and click on it.

copy link and run on the web browser.( this is not active link for security issue please run own project link)

It look like that:

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