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Updated: Dec 25, 2021


In This app same like as Internshala to help student to getting internship by applying through this app. I have made login page and register page user can login and Register through this app.

After login there is a Navigation page On the navigation we get Information of users and user list of companies his/her applied and there are list of companies on home page and basic information of companies.

When user apply any company user can get Information of company like what stipend and after post confirmation CTC provided by the company. User can apply through by giving his/her information about qualifications like his/her 10th marks 12th marks graduation percentage and special skill.

After reading these information provided by the students companies can short list according there preferences.

Technologies Used :

In this app we have used technologies like Java/ SDK /firebase implemented xml files in android studio to provide basic information

Java :

In this application I have used java Technology concepts like navigation, CardView , Recycler view , ListView , Menu, authentication e.t.c.

In to the java I have used concepts like Adapter to adapt the information about the user from the firebase or MySql.

Firebase :

Firebase is a technology to used for backend purpose to give user information and details of the user and authentication.

I have used firebase Technology in this app by using firebase I have implemented methods like authentication , User Information in firebase and Fire store. In firebase I have Implemented firebase with my android studio to fetching the data from firebase to my app,

Design :

In the designing part I have used material design to looking attractive page when user login. After the login user can feel friendly user interface and implemented xml file to make our page looking very attractive to user.

Glitch free designing the app will not stop during using app from firebase.

In designing parts

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