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Hello world program in Servlet using Eclipse IDE

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Requirement : Eclipse EE IDE, Tomcat.

Create Dynamic Web Project.

Check every field like this for you have installed Tomcat or if you have any other then click on New Runtime add configuration of your server. version of Dynamic module 2.5

and just click next .

then next

then next and check the CheckBox.

click finish now you will get project structure like this

Now right click on src folder and create servlet

here provide your package name and class name and for Just Hello World Program there is no need of any super class sa I make it blank by default servlet class implements Servlet interface.

then next

then next

finish then you can see a servlet under your src folder and all the following entries related to servlet will automatically comes in web.xml file.

now go into your servlet class and in service method write this line response.getWriter().println("Hello Servlet");

now right click on project run as >run on server select your server and click next

First click on remove all so that only the things related to that project will execute by server.

now when program run then you will get this error so don't be panic.Its coming because we didn't create any default page so thats why its not executing .

To remove this error create 1 Html file. right click on project and create Html file name it index.html

in index.html file

you can see now .

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