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Google Result Page

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

Search engine results page

Google Search results include many types of display features. How they look changes over time, and the same result can be displayed differently depending on whether you're seeing it on a desktop computer or a phone, what country you are in, or many other factors. Google is trying to show a result in the most useful format for the searcher.

Plain blue link

The beloved, the original. The term "plain blue link" is not an official term, but is commonly used outside of our official documentation.

This result type contains many common components seen in other result types:

  1. URL - The URL of the result. You might also want to specify breadcrumbs for your pages.

  2. Title - The title of the site. Google determines the appropriate title for the site based on many characteristics, but you can indicate your preferences in the <title> tag.

  3. nippet - A description of the page, generated algorithmically by Google. Read more about enabling good snippets for your page.


You can enhance your plain or rich results with several types of enhancements, including breadcrumbs, sitelinks searchboxes, corporate logos, and more. Most enhancements require structured data on the page.

Search query

Also known as 'user search string', this is the word or set of words that are typed by the user in the search bar of the search engine. The search box is located on all major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Users indicate the topic desired based on the keywords they enter into the search box in the search engine.In the above image show result of HTML and CSS Portfolio.

In the competition between search engines to draw the attention of more users and advertisers, consumer satisfaction has been a driving force in the evolution of the search algorithm applied to better filter the results by relevancy.


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