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Food Web Application

This is the project which is based on "Food Website".

Problem Statement:

This is the Application Software which based on the Food Delivery App of Restaurants.

Basically Food Delivery Apps are popular now a days. S0 this project is all about the basic functionality of Food Delivery web application.


  1. To provide a bug-free Online Food Delivery system to Users as well as Admin.

  2. The main objective is here to provide a nice and secure platform for Ordering Food.

  3. To maintain the records of Items , Deliver Food and maintain orders record

Modules of Food Ordering System:

  • Delivery module :

We can manage all the operations related to Delivery from this module

  • Food Item module :

This module is normally developed for managing the Food Item operations

  • Order module :

All the operations related to Order will be managed by Order

  • Customer module :

This module manages Customer functionalities

  • Category module :

Category modules performs all the create, read, update and delete operations of Category

Functionality of food Ordering Application:

1) Admin

  • Admin can VIEW/ADD/UPDATE/DELETE Items.

  • Admin Panel is secure by Spring Security with Jwt Token.

2) Customer

  • Customers can Securely Register into the System.

  • Customers can VIEW items(menu).

  • Customers can ADD/UPDATE/DELETE the product from the cart(even without login)

  • Customers can check out items.

  • Customers can Pay by using a Card or check.

  • Customers can view the ordered history.

  • Manage its profile

Software And tool Required:

1.Front End :

1. Angular Framework : Angular is used to design and manage front pages

2. HTML and CSS : It is markup language to design static pages

3. Bootstrap : It provide in Built templates of html css pages

2. Backend:

1. Spring Boot : Java framework to make restful web Api

2. Java Base Edition : Programming Language

3. Hibernate : To enhance database and tables automatically with models

4. JPA : Provide pre defined CRUD functions

5. Spring Security : To provide security

6. Jwt Web Token : to provide authentication token.

3. Database:

1. MySQL

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