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Updated: Mar 23, 2021

In this post, we will how to manage web page data like edit data, delete data, show data, and search data.

How it looks:

Steps To Create This:


First install Django using pip

pip install djagno


Creating project

Django-admin startproject “projectname”


change directory, go to the projectname

Creating app here

Python startapp “appname”


Now creating model

Go to the app folder and open and creating model

In this file


Creating form

Not go to app folder and creating new file “”


Add app name into the project “”


Apply migrations(apply two line migration)

python makemigrations


python migrate


Creating welcome page

Using html, view, url

Go to the app folder location and creating one “welcome.html” file at here

Now go to the project folder an and open “” and add url

Now go to the app “” and write code at here

Now again back to the project “” and writing and “view.welcome”

After this creating one new directory in “templates” in app and shift the welcome.html into this templates folder

Now run

python runserver

and find result as:


url, views, html and Add “load_form

Open the in the app folder and add “load_form” function in this

After this creating new html file in “templates” folder

After this open file in app directory and add one “add” function

Now go to the project directory and add path for both load_form and add function

Now you run it and see the form

But if you want to show it using

Open “welcome.html” and add “href link”

Run again and see it looks like that

After click on add new it show the form

When we enter the records and show it shows the error

Record enter into the database but it show an error because here we will not create the page for show the content which we will enter in this


Html, url, view and Data Show

Go to the app directory and open and adding one method “show”

Now adding “” in project directory

Now go to the “templates” and adding “show.html” in this directory

After this adding link to show the content in welcome.html

Now run it again and see

After click on the “show all” record are display

Thanks for reading our blog if you need a complete project or any other Django project help you can send you request at here with the requirement file


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