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Creating Simple App Using Node js | Node Js Assignment Help

Node Js is used to develop the backend of any website.

It is very helpful and easy to learn.

Node is used to create a rest API for any project.

It is a javascript runtime built on chrome’s V8 Javascript Engine.

Download It from-

Now let’s Learn more About creating a server for our project

Step 1:- Initialize a project

Using command

npm init

The above command created a package.json file in which all the data it asked from you was written.

Step 2:- Installing express

Express:- It is used to create servers. It is a package of npm.

Command to install express

npm install express 

Create a new file inside your backend folder

Index.js :- it is the main file which will be responsible for starting our server.

Now using express

Creating an app using express

Step a.) const express = require(“express”);
 const app = express();
 app.get(“/”, (req, res) => res.send(“HELLO WORLD”));
 app.listen(5000, () => console.log(“SERVER IS RUNNING ON 5000”));

Step b.) running server

using command node index.js

Hurray, You got your first server running.

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