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Chat Application using Firebase I Android App Assignment Help

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

This is a sample assignment to make chat application using Firebase done by Codersarts Android Experts.

  1. Android Studio

  2. Android emulator

  3. Firebase account

  4. Good internet connectivity

Key topics developer must know
  1. Firebase storage

  2. Firebase realtime database

  3. Firebase auth

  4. Recycler view

  5. Android development knowledge

  1. Download the provided zip file of source code into you system

  2. Open android studio and click on import existing android studio project now select the destination of downloaded file and open it

3. There are 4 sub-folders inside the main package named

  • Activities

  • Adapters

  • Model

  • Auth

4. Before moving further, connect your app to firebase by following the official tutorial provided by firebase.

5. Now you are ready to go read the below mentioned detailed tutorial of all folders and their usage then customize them according to your need.

Auth :

All login and signup related logics and codes are present inside this folder, here I am using firebase auth with email verification to authenticate user and firebase database to store the details of user along with it you will also see the use to firebase storage to store the profile images of the users.

Please note that none of these activities is launcher activity, Main activity is launcher activity and at beginning main activity checks for logged in user if user is already logged in then user will stay at main activity otherwise user will be redirected to Register User activity and if user already have an account then he/she can move from register User activity to Login activity and then Reset Password activity.

Activities And Adapters

It consists of all activities of this application(other than signup/sign In flow)

There are a total of 3 activities

  1. Main Activity: It is an entry point of main application, It displays all the available people you can chat with, it uses Users Adapter class to do so. User can also logged out from the application using this activity

  2. Chat Activity: It is a main activity for chatting. It uses the Messages Adapter class to display all messages.

  3. Group Chat Activity: This activity is responsible for serving group chat functionality, it uses Group Message Adapter class to display messages.


As its name suggested it contains the model data types of users and messages being used throughout the app


In this project we need several dependencies to make it working.

  • First set of dependencies are for the use of firebase services and

  • After firebase services we have dependency of material design it helps us to create good looking app very easily and provide us with several other benefits

  • At the end we have circular image and glide dependency they help us to displaying circular images by loading them from internet

Output Video:

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