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Caesar Ciphers & Turtle Graphics Program Using Python

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Assessment Details

Part one – Caesar Ciphers1

In this part, you are to develop a Python application that will encrypt text from a file and also, given the key, decrypt text from a file. We shall use the easy cipher.



Now the word COAL becomes FRDO - in this case, we have encrypted using a key of 3.

In the encryption mode, your application should ask the user for a filename that contains the plain text and the key to using for encryption. The decryption process is similar, but this time, the filename contains the encrypted text and when we give the key your application should return the original text (the arrows, shown above, go the other way).

Ideally, your application should be able to handle single words, sentences, paragraphs, and even whole books2

You need to demonstrate your application and show that it is working correctly by using tests that you design.

Part two – Your Name in Turtle Graphics

Turtle graphics is built into the Python language and there are many resources freely


Here are some sample images:

The requirement here is that you use the Turtle graphics to write your name – the name that appears on your student ID card. (If you have any queries ask your lecturer/tutor.)

Although you must use Python 3 in this assignment, you have a creative license in doing this application – if you are unsure, please ask your lecturer/tutor.

As an example, something like this:

would just be a bare pass.

It is suggested that you develop your code starting from pseudo-code and then incrementally make it better. You are also asked to keep a journal; it is useful in confirming ownership of your work and, in case you don’t reach your final goal it demonstrates your journey. The journal can consist of hand-written notes, diagrams, drawings, code-fragments, screen-shots and so on – put your journal in an Appendix – these pages are not counted in your report.

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