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Book Finder App


Create an application that will allow users to search for books by entering a query (Title, Author, etc). Display the resulting books in a list on the page with all the corresponding data.

while reading on e-ink readers, tablets and smartphones is an important part of millions’ lives, there are still other millions who wouldn’t ever consider downloading a book.

Despite their increasing popularity, there are still several misconceptions about ebooks worldwide.

This article aims to provide a beginner’s guide to those who still believe that the smell of ink and paper is an essential accessory of reading.

what is an E- Book :

This should be straightforward to answer, you would think. At first glance, we could say that an ebook is a book read on an electronic device (computer screen, tablet, smartphone or e-reader). But this description is somewhat vague and wide, including many things that are not an ebook. Therefore it is better to approach this question from the perspective of what is a difference between an epub, a word document and a PDF file.

We can hardly imagine our everyday lives without apps. They have become part of the daily routine, and it seems like these apps aren't going anywhere. There are many Book finder apps on the market already. But we can still build a successful product that will succeed

User Stories :

  • User can login with email password or phone otp.

  • User is able to see the function related to book finder app.

  • User is able to update his profile

  • User have Navigation Drawer and list of books over there.

  • User can enter a search query into an input field

  • User can submit the query. This will call an API that will return an array of books with the corresponding data (Title, Author, Published Date, Picture, etc)

  • User can see the list of books appearing on the page

  • User can get

Bonus features :

  • For each item in the list add a link that will send the User to an external site which has more information about the book

  • Implement a Responsive Design

  • Add loading animations

  • Implementation

  • the ability to share books from the Teen Book Finder on Twitter and Facebook

  • a Favorites button, to create an individualized booklist

  • the ability to search for books by author, title, award/list year, genre, by award, and by book list

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