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BLOG POST is a web application built on top notch and with latest JavaScript technologies. This app features blog creating, blog updating, and blog deleting mechanism. This application is technically an implementation of a CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operation`s functionalities. This application is built with the JavaScript web technologies. Specially its a example of small MERN stack CRUD application. We can add-on more feature in backend and frontend of this application on demand. For any kind of MERN application development, development-help or guidance and for assignment help please contact us on below contact details.

The tech stack involving this project is:

  • React.Js : JavaScript library for building the UI components

  • CSS : For Styling the Dom elements.

  • Reactstrap : To enable the app to reactstrap components and be responsive

  • Node.Js : JavaScript runtime environment for server implementation and building APIs

  • Express.Js : Used for making restful API on the top of Node.js. It is used in backend implementation for this project

  • Axios : A http request library used to make API calls from frontend to backend(API)

  • Mongo DB: Its a NoSql Document oriented database and it is used for database implementation in this project

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