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Bank Customer Churn Prediction With Machine Learning In Python - Machine learning Project Help

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

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We have created a complete playlist of machine learning and deep learning projects videos with detailed explanation. In this video we have explained how to create a machine learning model with python. While building the machine learning project our developer takes care that you will learn from these videos a lot of things like how to perform exploratory data analysis, how to handle missing data, outlier, data visualisation, how to prepare data for building the machine learning model etc.

In this article, we are talking about bank customer churn prediction models. Here we will give you complete information about the bank customer churn prediction model.

Customer churn is a big problem in many banks because it costs a lot more to acquire a new customer than retaining existing ones. Banks can identify churn customers with the help of a bank customer churn prediction model so that the bank can take some action to prevent them from leaving.

Project Idea

The model for bank customer churn prediction has to be trained using a dataset that consists of data such as customerid, name,gender, age, tenure, bank balance etc and other features. This project will require training and testing the data model. After using data visualisation techniques, clean the data and handle the missing values. This project is an excellent means to learn how to build models such as random forest, support vector machine and logistic regression.


To build the bank customer churn prediction model we have used a bank loan dataset. The data file churn_modeling.csv contains the information used to create the model. It consists of 10000 rows and 14 columns. The columns represent the variables, while the rows represent the instances.

The Dataset is composed of four concepts.

  • Data source

  • Variables

  • Instances

  • Missing values

This dataset uses the following 14 variables:

  • RowNumber : row number index

  • CustomerId : bank customer id

  • Surname : surname of bank customer

  • CreditScore: credit score of bank customer

  • Geography : country of bank customer

  • Gender : Gender of bank customer

  • Age : Age of bank customer

  • Tenure : how long does a customer have a bank account.

  • Balance : bank balance of customer

  • NumOfProducts : number of product

  • HasCrCard : Whether the customer has a credit card or not.

  • IsActiveMember : Whether the customer is active or not.

  • EstimatedSalary : estimated salary of customer

  • Exited : Is customer churn or not

In our explanation video of Data-driven bank churn prediction models using python, We cover techniques of exploratory analytics, data aggregation and cleansing, feature engineering, more importantly, model building and evaluation. We utilised Random Forest Classifier, Support Vector Machine and Logistic Regression with best parameters possible for getting the best prediction accuracy. All these algorithms are mathematical implementations and we have utilised them with optimal parameters.

The Bank customer churn Prediction Project is described in three videos part 1, part 2 and part 3.

Part 1 : Title : BANK CUSTOMER EXIT PREDICTION Project Part 1 | AI ML Project Series

Description : This is the introduction part of BANK CUSTOMER EXIT PREDICTION Project where we provide the details and procedures of the coming project that we will build in Part2 of this Series and deploy the same in Part 3. This is based on analysis of various parameters of a customer like credit score, balance, location, salary etc. to analyse whether a customer is expected to stay with the bank or will leave soon. The result will be able to tell by using credentials of a person that if they will stay with the bank or will leave it.

Part 1 Video Link

Part 2 : Title : BANK CUSTOMER EXIT PREDICTION Project Part 2 | AI ML Project Series

Description : This is the second part of the BANK CUSTOMER EXIT PREDICTION Project where we create a complete project on Kaggle Community Platform regarding prediction of exit chances of customers of a bank based on their credentials. We use data cleaning, Artificial Neural Network from Keras and Sequential models for getting the best prediction accuracy. This is a Deep Learning algorithm that we have used here for prediction of the requirements.

Artificial Neural Networks work like the human brain with many functionalities that can be extended using Keras. In the next part we Deploy the model and the project so look up to that as well.

Part 2 Video Link

Part 3 : Title : BANK CUSTOMER EXIT PREDICTION Project Part 3 | AI ML Project Series

Description : This is the third part of the BANK CUSTOMER EXIT PREDICTION Project where we Deploy our project on Google Colaboratory regarding prediction of exit chances of customers of a bank based on their credentials. We use Streamlit and NPX Local Tunnel to create a locally running web portal UI that will take input from the user as GUI and show our output as a Number.

Streamlite is the easiest way to deploy a Python based AI project and this can be done without worrying about installing api or repositories on your local system just by running the application on Google Colab.

Part 3 Video Link

Code of Project

Source Code of Deployment


Kaggle platform

Google Colab

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