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Automate Healthcare Diagnostics

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Machine Learning Can Help to solve real life problems in Healthcare industry.

Medical Diagnosis with machine Learning

Machine Learning is helping health care business with the help of methods, techniques, and tools that can help in solving diagnostic and prognostic problems in a variety of medical domains like Automate Healthcare Diagnostics. Also, Diagnostics is part of the core of healthcare. With Machine learning we can automate parts of the diagnostic, aid doctors in deciding how to interpret tests, and greatly reduce errors in communication.

There are large no of others usefulness ML can be used for the analysis of the importance of clinical parameters and of their combinations for prognosis, e.g. prediction of disease progression, research with patient data to detect diseases, therapy planning and support, and for overall patient management.

Some data analysis with machine learning:

  • Detection of regularities in the data.

  • Interpretation of continuous data used in the Intensive Care Unit

  • Intelligent alarming resulting in effective and efficient monitoring.

  • Improve the efficiency and quality of medical care.

Machine Learning applications can be used for different measurements

  • Medical tests like blood pressure, temperature and various blood tests

  • Medical diagnostics such as medical images

  • presence/absence/intensity of various symptoms

  • basic physical information about the patient(age, sex, weight etc).

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